In addition to the exhibition in the MOU Museum  and the art route there are lots of other great activities to enjoy in Oudenaarde!

Allegoria by the ensemble Zefiro Torna

Festival of Flanders

In Allegoria, Zefiro Torna provides a musical picture of the Southern and Northern Netherlands at the end of the 16th century and the 17th century ‘Golden Age’. Allegorical themes we find in abundance in the work of the artist Adriaen Brouwer.

  • Friday 12 October at 8.00 p.m.
  • Walburga Church, Markt, Oudenaarde
  • Tickets for the Festival of Flanders go on sale on 16 June via CC De Woeker.

Urban Painting

Oudenaarde’s Adriaen Brouwer anno 2018?! Check it out!

28 year old street art talent Frakkie, passionate about art, drawing, painting and handmade wooden furniture, was born in Ghent. Frakkie is talented. He makes the greatest animal caricatures in the most magic way.

Frakkie’s work is always developing and brings colour and joy in everyone’s life. 
3 Saturdays on a row, Frakkie hides one of his works (linked to Adriaen Brouwer) in the city center of Oudenaarde. By using social media, he spreads hints, puzzles and quiz questions that lead to the hiding place. The finder can keep the work, but on one condition: the discovery needs to be shared on the worldwide web.

  • Where? City center of Oudenaarde
  • When? Saturday 25/08, Saturday 01/09 and Saturday 08/09
  • More info?

Brouwer's bronze tones

The Oudenaarde carillon in the spirit of Adriaen Brouwer

The Oudenaarde carillon (° 1510), the oldest in the world on paper, will ring out melodies from Brouwer’s era throughout the exhibition. During live concerts, weekly on Thursday morning (market day) and Sunday afternoon, city carillonneur Lode Schynkel will naturally perform a most fitting repertoire.

  • Live concerts, weekly on Thursday morning (market day) and Sunday afternoon

Brouwer and the Tour of Flanders Centre

An exhibition full of bizarre inventions, the brilliant Adriaen and the limitless power of his imagination.

More information to follow.

Visit to Brewery Roman

Get acquainted with the oldest family-run brewery in the country (founded in 1545), and taste their mouth-watering arsenal of beers, including the Adriaen Brouwer brown beer. You get a glimpse of the craftsmanship behind Oudenaarde’s characteristic brown beer and learn everything there is to know about the brewing process.

Classic monuments walk

Oudenaarde is primarily known for its stately Town Hall, stunning Church of Our Lady of Pamele and the centuries-old St. Walburga Church. However, Oudenaarde’s historic centre has over a hundred listed monuments. Come and discover this breathtaking architecture during a fascinating monuments walk.

  • Tourism Office, Markt, Oudenaarde

Cycling and walking in the wake of Adriaen Brouwer

Discover the beauty of the Flemish Ardennes on the Adriaen Brouwer cycling route (31 km) or the Beer brewer walking route (12 km). Besides these specific cycling and walking routes Oudenaarde has countless others to offer. For more information please contact the Tourism Office.

  • Tourism Office, Markt, Oudenaarde

Discover the Beaucarne House

The historical Beaucarne House located at the Medieval village square of Ename dates back to the period of Adriaen Brouwer ! In 1748 the house became the property of the Beaucarne family, whose descendants still inhabit the family estate. Some of the original 17th-century interior elements of the house have been preserved such as some floors and objects remaining from the perished Ename Abbey. A 17th-century swamp cypres still remains in the courtyard, where it was once planted by the Abbey Monks.

  • Discover the interiors of the house, guided by one of the inhabitants – by reservation only.
  • Discover our tea-house located on the central courtyard of House Beaucarne – weekly from Friday-Monday from 13h