Adriaen Brouwer retrospective exhibition

15 september – 16 december 2018
MOU Museum Oudenaarde

A world-class painter, whose work hangs in the most prestigious museums: it’s Adriaen Brouwer. They will soon leave renowned private and public collections in Europe and America to travel to Oudenaarde. This is the very first time that just under half of his seventy works will be united. The fact that this event is also being organised in Brouwer’s birthplace makes it all the more special.

Brouwer was already famous and his works were highly prized during his lifetime. Even the greats, such as Rubens and Rembrandt were fervent collectors of his work. What’s more his paintings are a genuine delight to behold. A true feast for the eyes. Brouwer’s work is also compared to that of his contemporaries and successors such as Frans Hals, David Teniers and Joos van Craesbeeck.

It promises to be the ultimate experience in Oudenaarde.

Singing man with beer can – Adriaen Brouwer -Kunstmuseum, Bazel

Four themes

Brouwer’s work is extremely versatile. Four central themes in the exhibition each illustrate a different characteristic aspect of his works. Collectively they provide a complete picture of Brouwer’s artistic oeuvre.

Brouwer: the new Bruegel

Brouwer as the continuator of the 16th century Brueghel tradition. Brouwer was a genius at producing a snapshot of the perfect moment: he is able to capture people at exactly the right – or perhaps the wrong? – time. They strike a distinct pose, pull a funny face, and wear their clothes inappropriately… They are caught in the act, so to speak.

Adriaen Brouwer als de nieuwe Breugel

Cheery Companies

He created peaceful scenes of playing and musical peasant companies, but Brouwer was also a fan of the anti-heroes of everyday life: his characters smoke, drink, flirt, brawl and make merry…

Adriaen Brouwer als schilder van vrolijke gezelschappen
Adriaen Brouwer als meester van emoties

Master of Emotions

Brouwer is a master at painting emotions and moods. He enthusiastically uses so-called ‘tronies’ and grotesque heads to depict facial expressions. He does this in an unprecedented, innovative manner.

Adriaen Brouwer als landschapsschilder

Landscape artist

With his sublime landscapes Brouwer inspired other artists such as Rubens, who acquired a considerable number of Brouwer’s works, including several landscapes.

“Adriaen Brouwer’s paintings constitute a ‘tableau vivant’ that offer an insight into daily life at the time. Brouwer’s eye focuses on the human condition and depicts the everyday life of people with a sometimes gritty realism.”

– Luc Tuymans (artist) –

Neem de emotie mee naar huis

Internationale kunsthistorici vertellen het verhaal achter de werken

Ontdek de veelzijdigheid van Brouwer in Adriaen Brouwer: meester van emoties.
Curator dr. Katrien Lichtert brengt in deze tentoonstellingscatalogus een internationaal team van kunsthistorici samen die diepgaand de verschillende thema’s binnen Brouwers oeuvre analyseren en verklaren. Het rijkelijk geïllustreerd boek doet het verhaal achter Brouwers werken uit de doeken.

Praktische info:

  • Tentoonstellingscatalogus
  • Hardback, rijk geïllustreerd, ca. 224 pagina’s
  • Verkrijgbaar in het Nederlands, Engels en Frans
  • Bijzonder interessante prijs! € 29,99
  • Bij bestelling voor 14/09: 1 gratis fles Adriaen Brouwer Oaked bier (75 cl) per boek
  • Opgelet: Afhaling van het boek ikv de actie met gratis fles, kan enkel tijdens het openingsweekend (op 15/09 en 16/09) – en na voorafbetaling – bij de Dienst Toerisme, Stadhuis, Markt 1, 9700 Oudenaarde. Beperkte oplage!

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